Teacher drowns after saving students

A 28-year-old man drowned Sunday in Masagana Falls in Barangay Irawan, Puerto Princesa City, according to a police blotter report.

The victim, identified as Khyme Hikilan, a resident of Golden Valley Subdivision, Barangay Sicsican, reportedly drowned after he tried to rescue several of his students who were being carried downstream by the river.

The police stated that the victim, along with his students and some parents, were conducting a youth retreat camping in Masagana Falls when the incident happened Sunday morning.

The victim reportedly had dived into the water to help six students who were being swept by the strong river current while holding on to a piece of log but was himself carried away until he disappeared from the surface of the swelling river.

The victim’s body was found and retrieved hours later by rescuers from the Philippine Coast Guard and Philippine Navy.


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