Staying at home, made even better

It’s been a month since our vacation started: there are people who go out of town; there are those who take local trips; and of course, there are some who stay at home, also known as “staycationers”. Most staycations are boring, especially for teenagers, because either they are not permitted to go out or they just playing video games all day (which is bad for their health). That’s why I made a list called “Ways to Prevent Boredom”. These are my ideas of how not to get bored this school break and still not spend money.


  1. Use leftover school supplies

Excess paints, papers, pencils, and other school stuff can be useful in times of crisis such as boredom. I had a spare canvas and some poster paints that I was not able to use in school, so I thought it would be useful if I painted. I watched some tutorials on YouTube of this complicated but awesome design, and I was like “nope, nope, can’t do that thing”. But I decided to look on the bright side, thinking, well, it can enhance my art skills, I could use the painting as a design on the wall, or I could even sell it! With this, I could make money with zero budget.

  1. Start an Internet career

If you’re not into arts, maybe this is for you. The internet has grown larger since 1994 in the Philippines. YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook are so popular that most of the netizens use them for showcasing their talents. This was my first idea before the vacation started: I could go live stream, make some video content, and start vlogging. I have a few friends who started live streaming, vlogging, and gaming video content; why not do that too? It’s not just popular, but also fun to do, especially with your friends. If you don’t have any good camera or a hi-spec computer, start small and watch it grow big; you don’t need any good stuff to start an Internet career. To be honest, I’m just using a low-spec pc to live stream and I don’t even have a phone! For me, this is the most awesome thing to do when you’re bored during the summer.


  1. Do a Movie marathon

We have Netflix, Prime Video, and iflix, baby! You can use their free trials: 1 month for Netflix, 7 days for Prime Video, and 6 months for iflix. A movie marathon is the best with the whole family. Think of this, watching your favorite movies with your loved ones, sharing tears because of that sorrowful film, laughing, and using family as a shield when watching horror movies. I had this experience watching with my brothers; we watched the whole season of this comedy-action sitcom called Brooklyn 99 in one night, SUPER FUN.

  1. Freelance photography

I know you love selfies because I do too. We all love photography; that’s why most smartphones nowadays are upgrading the cameras in their smartphone products and in cameras which are just for photography. This is my older brother’s most favorite thing to do when he is bored. I love shooting photos at night especially in the town because cars, tricycles, and motorcycles are lighting up, and it’s so beautiful: it’s like a shining star or my beautiful crush. You can actually just use your cell phone and edit. Speaking of editing, it is the most interesting part of photography because through that, you can change the mood of your photo.

  1. Make some DIY (Do It Yourself) crafts

If you are really into arts, this is the best recommendation for you, the good ol’ DIY. You can create many things in this: recycled bottle brooms, plastic spoon lamps, and my favorite, solar bottle lights by which you just can pour water into the bottle, put it on the roof during sunlight, voila, provide light for everybody.

Boredom is like watching a turtle walk. But Boredom is really just a word. When you are with the family, be with them. Live in the present. Don’t let dullness take over. We should have fun while we’re still young and make use of this summer while it lasts!

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