State of Calamity declaration may solve water crisis- Water District

The Puerto Princesa City Water District says declararion of State of Calamity may solve water crisis.

The Puerto Princesa City Water District sees that the only hope to address some of the many water supply problems in the city is the declaration of State of Calamity of City Government of Puerto Princesa City for them to push the other options to address if not lessen the impact to city residents.


“It’s getting worst at hindi na talaga maganda ang produksyon ng tubig ngayon sa syudad” said Puerto Princesa City Water District General Manager Antonio Romasanta at the height drought that dried up the Irawan reservoir thus make water very scarce in the city nowadays.


The water rationing schedule is longer being followed which resulted to more complaints from city residents.


Business establishments have been clamoring and are requesting the water district to provide additional supply by means of water trucks/ tanks delivered to their area.


“Sa 57 requests na natanggap ko , 18 lang ang napagbigyan natin dyan. Sa katunayan dalawang trucks pa na tubig ang hiling ng iba pero isa lang ang naibbigay natin,” Romasanta said.


Most of these businesses are hotels, water refilling stations, car wash, laundry shops and other big establishments.


The problem is even getting worse due to frequent brownouts which affect the operation of pumping stations which is the reason why rationing schedule is not followed.

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