There is now mounting clamor among the public for the resignation of Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO) officers and Board of Directors for their complacency in addressing the persistent problem of power outages in Palawan.

This summertime is proving to be one of the worse, as blackouts are happening almost on a daily basis and more than once a day.

Frustrated Palaweños are now coming to terms with such poor service of PALECO, and mass call for resignation is going to be in order. Social media is flooded everyday by criticisms of the province’s main power distributor, and PALECO seems to have developed a thick skin against such airing of grievances.

The usual reasons and causes behind the power outages remain unresolved. Year after year the problem persists and now seems to be getting more serious.

PALECO’s Board, a multi-sector body that is supposedly to look after the welfare of consumers from their respective districts, seems to have been content on passively sitting over their duties and responsibilities.

The Board, in its present and past composition, obviously erred on its decision to enter Power Supply Agreements that do not include penalty clauses to punish power suppliers when they fail to deliver what is stipulated in their contracts. The Board is also showing its lack of vision when it continually fails to prepare for the increasing demand for power in a province that is obviously projected as among the fast-emerging economies in the country.

PALECO consumers are frustratingly trapped, again and again, in perhaps one of the most horrible combinations of inaction, complacency and lack of vision in the province’s history. The public is hostaged by a power distributor who fails to proactively find a solution to the problem and a roster of power suppliers who cannot be held accountable when they perform below expected level. What did we do to deserve this?

Palawan News joins the increasing number of Palaweños who are calling for the resignation of the PALECO Board, including its manager. We do not deserve this kind of service.

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  1. Very well written letter and it is about time. If the general population does not demand things to change and impose their own restrictions or not paying their bills, nothing is going to change.

  2. I call for the resignation of the PALECO Board with its manager for their poor service of providing sufficient power supply in our place, Brooke's Point, Palawan. Just hours ago we again experienced an outage.

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