Slight decline in child abuse cases noted

Cases of child abuse being filed at the City Social Welfare and Development office has decreased this year compared to the previous year, a report obtained by Palawan News from the said office indicated.

In 2016, CSWD had recorded a total of 1,850 child abuse cases. The report showed that in the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2017, the cases went down to just over 300 cases. These cases, which mostly involved violence, include rape and incest, child maltreatment, abandonment and trafficking, bullying, emotional abuse, and physical abuse.

Prominent cases natin ay ‘yung mga neglected children, pumapangalawa na lang yung sexual abuse. Just yesterday, two children became victims of sexual abuse. Sunod naman ‘yung physical abuse,” said Remy Beltran, Social Welfare Officer IV of CSWD Child and Youth Division.

Sexual abuse cases are often filed to police stations across the city and later forwarded to the office of CSWD for legal action. Beltran also noted that such cases are common in the northern barangays of Puerto Princesa particularly in Bacungan and Buliluyan.

As part of the continuing commitment of the Philippine government to prevent and lessen child abuse cases, CSWD is promoting advocacy programs within schools and campuses to educate the Palaweno youth and children.

May community information and dissemination kaming ginagawa, kaya lang ‘pag ganun naman, mas mataas ang bilang ng nagrereport, pero namumulat natin ang mga magulang on ways to prevent na mangyari sa kanilang mga anak ‘yung mga ganyang abuses,” said Beltran.

Physical abuse, on the other hand, happens primarily at home, according to Beltran.

CSWD wants to educate parents into the early signs of possible sexual abuse on their children which includes a changed in behavioral pattern, lose of appetite among meals, and when the child isolates himself/herself away from others. Physical abuse, according to Beltran, is often a cycle that is happening among the family.

Kung ang magulang ay biktima ng physical violence noon, iexpect mo na gagawin n’ya rin ‘yun.  It manifests kasi sa mga magulang,” said Beltran.

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