There was a story of an African boy who found a pearl of great price. That find meant the end of his misery and the beginning of a wealthy living. But problems arose when he started selling the pearl. Some interested buyers tricked him, others attempted to steal it from him, by-standers planned to kill him, thereafter, his life was exposed to grave danger. Thence, he began to realize the pearl as a liability rather than an asset; his dream of becoming wealthy was shattered and turned into nightmare. He had to make a very critical decision and fundamental option whether to keep the pearl or get rid of it. With prospected buyers and interested parties looking on, he went down the beach and threw the pearl far out into the sea.

How often do we find ourselves trapped into and enslaved by worldly things, habits and practices which initially began in small scale and seemed attractive but later caught us off-guard and entangled for they’ve grown big and gone deep rendering us helpless to detach from. As they say that the evil one can sometimes look very attractive in daring and glaring fashion, but concealed within itself is lethal force of imminent disaster and destruction. Be on guard for the “Ides of March” thus says the old sage. Is it indulging in excessive drinking, chain-smoking, illegal trade, sexual pleasure, gambling, drugs, immoral shoes, pornography, money, prestige, abuse of power, high position and much possessions? As they say that a shot of alcohol a day makes a bottle someday. Instead of making our life happy and peaceful, they make us miserable and pitiful, instead of making us free, they drag us into moral decadence and oblivion. Unhappiness and failure are sometimes the result of bad choice. On the other hand, good choice leads us to freedom, joy and success. Seek God’s wisdom.

Do you remember this song; “ Lord, by your cross and resurrection you have set us free? Doing things for God like faithfulness to attendance at Mass and Holy communion, regular sacramental confession, visiting the sick at home or hospital, helping the needy, volunteering our time caring for the elderly in home-care facilities, organizing youth prayer groups, facilitating faith-sharing fellowships, participating in community-oriented activities and other charitable efforts would help us out from the grip of sorrow, fear, pride, selfishness, envy, self-conceitedness, anger and other evil desires. Turning our attention to the Lord and welfare of our neighbor will dissolve our burning desire and craving for self-gain and glory.


Pray the Divine Mercy every 3 pm., daily recite the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. The Lord promised that He won’t refuse anyone who asks Him a favor at this hour of great mercy in virtue of His passion. (cfr. Divine Mercy Diary no. 1320. Want to know this prayer? Pls. email me at Here’s a good food for thought shared by a friend: “ We are likened to a beast when we kill, likened to men when we judge, and likened to God when we forgive.”

In her Divine Mercy diary no. 101, St. Faustina wrote ; ” O my Jesus, I know that a person’s greatness is evidenced by his deeds and not by his feelings. It is the works that have come from us that will speak about us. My Jesus, do not allow me to daydream, but give me the courage and strength to fulfill Your holy will.”

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