Senior citizens in Palawan can now avail 20% discount on real property tax

Senior citizens can now enjoy receiving P 600.00 every three months (file photo)

The Provincial Board approved last week an ordinance granting senior citizens a discount of 20% on their real property tax being imposed on residential properties.

Authored by 2nd District Board Member Eduardo Modesto Rodriguez, the ordinance aimed at helping senior citizens in the province to at least save money for their other daily expenses.

“Most of the senior citizens in the province of Palawan have already retired from their services and are not earning sufficiently and most are just relying on their pensions and support from their family,” Rodriguez said in his ordinance.

“Granting 20% discount to real property tax exclusively on their residential properties shall create a great savings on the part of our elders which shall be added in their budget for their regular medical check-ups, maintenance medicines and such other daily needs,” Rodriguez’ ordinance added.

Specifically, the discount is applicable on residential land and building used only for residential purposes. In case the senior citizen has several building for residential purposes, he/she may choose only one among the residential buildings where the discount shall be applied.

Residential buildings, on the other hand, used for commercial purposes such as apartments or boarding houses are not covered by this ordinance.

To avail the discount, a senior citizen must be a bona fide resident of Palawan and have his/her identification card updated with the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA).

The Office of the Provincial Assessor will check the residency and ID of the senior citizen before the processing of his/her land tax payment.

Necessary measures – such as checking the residency and authenticity of the ID – will be observed to ensure the senior citizen is still living and credible enough to be qualified for such discount.

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