Sen. De Lima’s rude awakening

Winston Arzaga

It is a battle meant to be fought sooner than later. PRRD as the modern Goliath howling invectives on the hapless Sen. De Lima who, unlike the biblical David, has but a yeoman’s chance of leveling the odds against her. In one of the President’s rare ambush interviews, PRRD said he will kill De Lima softly with the evidence in his hands. The goods on her purportedly show the Senator’s driver – lover as the conduit of drug money ,thus insuring its steady supply to fuel her senatorial campaign. Firing her own cannon, the Senator denied ever receiving money from drug lords, but never said a word about the alleged forbidden relationship.

It was Cong. Teddy Baguilat who said that after De Lima, every one is fair game for the President. And anyone who dares cross him risks his acidic tongue never before heard from any of the country’s top leaders. It is just too unfortunate for Sen. De Lima to be at the other end of PRRD’s firing line. But of course the President has every reason to train his sights on De Lima , she who once alleged the then Mayor’s connection to the notorious Davao Death Squad. Everything from there is par for the course.

In a nation tired of counting the daily dead of PRRD’s drug war, his tiff with the Senator is a welcome respite that could evolve into a riveting telenovela for our evening entertainment. The President seems to enjoy his quarrel with Sen. De Lima immensely. At one point during the ambush interview. PRRD was even humming the 70’s hit , “Killing Me Softly with His Song” . But for the neophyte Senator, the President’s blast is a rude awakening on the realities of politics.

I am certain there is one lesson Sen. De Lima will always remember for a long, long time, no matter how bitter: that politicians who live in a house of glass should not start a war of throwing stones.

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