Rio Tuba ups ‘dengue free’ campaign

Volunteers conducted clean-up to drive mosquitoes away which are carries of dengue, malaria and other mosquito diseases

Barangay Rio Tuba has vowed to eradicate dengue cases by conducting misting operation in the whole barangay while also intensifying its information dissemination activities on dengue prevention.

The misting operation is a pro-active measure of the barangay after one of the barangays has recorded a number of dengue cases.

According to Arnold Flores, Provincial Dengue Coordinator and leader of the team that conducts misting operation, there is a need of such activity at the time when cases of dengue are increasing.

Flores said that misting operation will help reduce and control the mosquitoes which is the carrier of dengue and malaria.

During the informational and education campaign (IEC) and discussion with community residents Flores stressed the need to destroy breeding grounds of mosquito to prevent the spread of the dreaded disease.

We should take an extra effort to search for every area where they may breed and destroy them. As long as these breeding areas exist, there is no way that we can stop dengue,” Flores underscored.

Misting and IEC were among the activities in the dengue-free program of the Bgy. Rio Tuba coupled with the distribution of mosquito nets.

Resident s of the barangay have recently conducted a clean-up drive in Sitio Kinurong which was participated by more than 200 volunteers composed of youths, barangay Health Workers and employees of Bgy. Rio Tuba including residents of the village

The efforts to address the problem on dengue specifically the misting activities and information dissemination were initiated by the Coral Bay Nickel Corp. (CBNC) and Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corp. (RTNMC) in line with its advocacy to make Rio Tuba Dengue Free.

The program on dengue eradication started in 2013 through the initiative of the Community Relations Office of both RTNMC and CBNC.

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