Restoration of landmark bridge in Taytay sought

Fuerza de Sta. Isabel in Taytay, Palawan (Photo credit:

A dilapidated bridge in the northern town of Taytay is sought to be restored as significant landmark of this centuries-old town’s cultural and historical past.

In a resolution authored by First District Board Member Roseller Pineda, he requested Governor Jose Ch. Alvarez to appropriate fund for the restoration of Langayan (also known as Taytay) Bridge.

“It is the sublime aspiration of the people of Taytay who value their history and perpetuate the essence and existential symbol of their town to initiate the restoration of this bridge not only for the utilitarian purpose but most especially for the transcendent sense of history,” Pineda said in his resolution, which was approved in first and final reading on Tuesday, November 17.

Taytay, as the province’ first capital, has rich cultural and historical treasures rooted from the Spanish colonial era, the American regime and Japanese wartime occupation and liberation.

“Some of the most significant historical relics and landmarks are in need of restoration to preserve for posterity as legacy for the succeeding generations of Taytayanons,” Pineda said.

Aside from the old Spanish fort of Sta. Isabel, other remaining symbols of colonial antiquity in the town are the limestone water wells (pasuelos) and brick walls of the site of Spanish officials residence, he added.

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