Rainwater seeps into new SM mall

SM’s ground floor floods after a heavy rain

A heavy downpour of rain Tuesday afternoon had caused one of the tubes of SM’s drainage system to burst and flooded portions of the mall’s ground floor, alarming tenants and shoppers.

Pamela Paglinawan, a car sales agent based in SM, said the water began to leak from one of the tubes located on the ground floor. The water quickly spread all throughout the first floor which gradually flooded the entire area.

“Nagsimula sa tube sa drainage somewhere dito sa ground floor. Pumutok yata. Hindi kinaya ‘yung tubig tapos biglang baha na dito sa baba,”said Paglinawan.

Russel Fernandez, Public Relations Officer of SM Puerto Princesa denied that there was “flooding” that affected the ground floor and said it was a mere “leak.”

“Meron kaming leak ngayon. Sobrang lakas kasi ng ulan,”said Fernandez.

He also denied that the leak started from the inside, but from the outside of the mall, stating that the drainage system was interconnected.

“Actually hindi talaga siya sa loob. Sa tubo talaga siya for the rain nag downpour sa bubong namin. Interconnected kasi ‘yung draining system natin. So para hindi bumaba sa bubong,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez later said that the cause of the leak is still undetermined and that their engineering division is still conducting an investigation of the incident.

“Our engineering department is investigating the real cause,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez also assured that they conducted quality control tests on the mall’s structure and facilities before they formally opened almost a month ago but they didn’t expect such incidents to happen.

“We had quality control before we opened the mall pero siyempre may mga untoward incidences that we could consider as accidents na rin,” he added.


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