Provincial Board wants to intensify awareness on Zika Virus


The Provincial Board of Palawan is requesting the Department of Health (DOH) thru Secretary Janette P. Garin for Palawan to be included in their campaign to increase awareness on Zika Virus.



The resolution aims to equip medical personnel like nurses, doctors, health officers all important details about this virus that started in Brazil and is now  affecting South America and other parts of the world.



According to Ida Viray of the Provincial Health Office, prior to that resolution, they are already staring information dissemination campaign about the said virus.


The virus itself doesn’t make people very sick, but if pregnant women get it, even if they aren’t sick enough to know something is wrong, their babies may be born with Microcephaly:  unusually small heads.  This means unusually small skulls, less space for healthy brain development, and a variety of mental and physical limitations.


The Provincial Board is optimistic that aside from the local effort, the DOH from the national level will also prioritize Palawan considering the  increasing tourist influx in the province.

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