Provincial Board urges NBI, CIDG to investigate on C3 alleged scam

Board member Ponce de Leon wants provincial IT unit to create a computer app for boarding house seekers

The Provincial Board of Palawan is seeking the assistance of the Criminal Investigation And Detection Group (CIDG) and National Bureau Investigation (NBI) to investigate on the C3 World of Funder alleged scam.



This follows the second time non-appearance of Mayor Emiliano Marasigan Jr., Vice Mayor Patricia C. Hilao and Municipal Social Welfare Officer Candelaria Rigodon in the Question and Answer Hour of the Board, Tuesday.



The presence of town officials is hoped to shed light on the said issue which affect many residents of the municipality who were allegedly victims of scam.



Mayor Marasigan and MSWDO Rigodon notified the Board Secretariat that they have prior and more important commitment while Vice Mayor Hilao is sick.


Only SB Members Ronald Alcantara, Alejandro Astor, Eduardo Layag and Eduardo Montenegro Jr. attended the Q& A but failed to give so much details on the issue.



It is recalled that the Provincial Board is alarmed because of the alleged scam thru recruitment of people who will pay for P200 in exchange of possibility of getting $1,000 or equivalent to almost       P47,000.00.



The Board is now referring this concern to the authorities to investigate and pursue necessary action as it victimized many local residents of the town.

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