Project Double Barrel: Narra, Brooke’s Point, Coron,  produce largest number of drug-related turn-ins

Eight days after the kick-off of the Philippine National Police’s official and massive anti-drug crusade dubbed as Project Double Barrel, Narra, Brooke’s Point and  Coron topped the list of Palawan municipalities in terms of the number of drug personalities who surrendered to authorities through ‘Oplan Tokhang’ and ‘Project LVT/HVT ‘.

As of this writing, there are 50 drug personalities who surrendered in Narra,  49 drug pushers/users in Brooke’s Point, one is for inquest proceedings, while Coron yielded 43 drug pushers/users through LVT.

Balabac yielded 24 individuals which included a former Sangguniang Bayan member thru “Oplan Tokhang”.

Culion MPS conducted a buy-bust operation that led to the arrest of two individuals who are now facing inquest proceedings.

One drug personality is recorded for inquest in Cuyo.

In Roxas, one drug user/pusher surrendered to the police.

LVT/HVT or Low/High Value Operation covers those who surrendered voluntarily in municipal police stations. Operation “Tokhang”, on the other hand, is a combination of “toktok” and “hangyo,” which means ‘to knock’ and ‘request or plead’; the operation aims to encourage suspected local drug users and peddlers to voluntarily surrender and stop their illegal activities.

According to PSI Ric Ramos, Spokesperson of Palawan PPO, they will ensure that everyone who surrendered will provide an affidavit stipulating that they will never engage into drugs again.

He also said that the “surrenderees” will undergo counseling under their respective Social Welfare Development offices. The PNP will also assist/endorse those who are willing to undergo rehabilitation to concerned agencies.

(with excerpts from News Release of Narra MPS, Balabac MPS and Brookes Point PCR official Facebook Fan Page)

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