Politics 101’s Costly Lessons

Are there contenders out there for Palawan’s three congressional districts?  So far, we haven’t heard of anybody vying for the posts of Cong. Chicoy Alvarez and Cong. Erick Abueg of the first and second districts, respectively. For the third district, names are being floated here and there. Serious contenders though, have to figure out what Cong. Haledon’s moves are for 2016.  There are reports his trusted men are all over the province doing their own style of political due diligence. No stranger to provincial politics, then ABC President Douglas Hagedorn sought the governorship in 1998 with young Baham Mitra as running mate. Now, there are those who are tickled with the prospect of history repeating itself with a Hagedorn – Mitra tandem in 2016. But a lot will depend on former Gov. Mitra’s own plans. Of late, he has made himself scarce, a clear indication he is not into politics these days.
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Cong Chicoy can certainly take it easy. None of the Sandovals   are inclined to make a run next year. With the demise of the family patriarch Cong. Brown, the family is not in a fighting mood. Cong. Alvin has not intimated his plans, not even to his closest political lieutenants. And so too is former Taytay Mayor Toto Rodriguez, who also ran and lost for the congressional post in 2013. Both politicians must have learned Politics 101 the hard way.  Perhaps they were nowhere in class  when it was lectured that   sheer  guts, irresistible   charisma , and boundless  hard work could not measure up   to a well – oiled political machine  which has mastered the art of winning days before the elections.


As for Cong, Erick, he is all over the district from day one of his incumbency. If visibility is the sole criterion for electing a congressman, Cong Eric is a run-away winner. A chip off the old block, Cong Eric has made his voice heard – very strongly – during the BBL discussions in the Lower House. Will we see another  Monmon Mitra- Abueg tiff in 2016?  As what my friendly barber says, “Abangan”


The City Traffic Office has organized a “Strike Force “to untangle traffic gridlock during rush hour. This is welcome news for motorists inching their way to their various destinations. But this is a band-aid solution for the here and now. AND BY THE WAY……. The  head of Traffic Office , Engr. Jonathan Magay, is on the road himself leading his band of enforcers .For those too young to know or too old to remember, Engr. Magay was Holy Trinity College ‘s fair haired boy, a local basketball star who eventually played for the NU Bulldogs in the UAAP. That was long before Henry Sy and his SM empire took controlling interest of NU and made the Bulldogs a fierce fighting squad in the UAAP.


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