Paleco GM recognizes Delta P as the ‘most efficient’ power provider in Palawan

These are the new engines of Delta P ready for installation to provide additional 30 megawatt power supply to Palawan.

Owing to the dependability of Delta P in times of power shortage, Palawan Electric Cooperative General Manager Ric Zambales was unreserved in saying that the “Delta P is the most efficient power provider in the province of Palawan” during the ground breaking ceremony for the installment of new power engines, held Monday, May 2. The new engines will secure an additional 30-megawatt power supply for the province.


According to Zambales, although there are times that the engines of Delta P underwent preventive maintenance, during peak hours they were always ready to augment the need for additional power.


“Delta is the most efficient power provider in Palawan,” these were the exact words of Paleco General Manager Zambales as he delivered his message during the ceremony.


Zambales further said that the additional 30 megawatt will guarantee Palawan to have stable power supply in the next years.


The four brand new Watzila engines are already inside the compound of the 3-hectare leased property of Delta P in Brgy. Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa. These engines comprised of 7.5 MW Wārzilā 18v32 diesel engine and Napier 357 turbo charger. The expansion project comes with a brand new substation with a delivery voltage of 69 KV.


The expansion project of Delta P would still need approval from the Energy Regulatory Commission and the Department of Energy, although Delta P has already commenced the ground preparation.


“This is our dream. A dream that we all share with Palaweños. We still need the continued support and cooperation of all stakeholders. We need to unify as a team and as a power family. We need to work together to get this done properly and on the soonest possible for a brighter Palawan,’ said Delta P President Walden Tantuico.


The additional 30 megawatt power supply contract of Delta P with Paleco is a result of the Swiss Challenge in November wherein the power company won the project. The project will be operational in 2020 after its current contract expires in March 2019.

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