With only a week to go before the deadline set by Commission on Elections, only five of the 45 candidates during the recently- concluded recall elections have submitted their statement of contributions and expenditures (SOCE).

Records at the city election office showed that only Celia Libunao, Nida Morata, Danilo Seva and Ruperto  Mesiculla Jr., have submitted their SOCE’s.

Comelec Resolution No.9558 requires every candidate at the level of the city mayor who cannot submit their SOCE will be fined P20,000 and faces an imprisonment of one to six years and the cancellation of their right to vote.

Candidates have until June 8 to submit their SOCE.
Earlier, the Comelec has warned that all candidates are required to submit their SOCE even if they have withdrawn their candidacies.
Mesiculla, one of the candidates said that he did not fill up any amount as he did not spend a single centavo in his campaign.
“I campaigned while I was working, “he said.
The COMELEC also that while everyone has the right to run as a candidate, “there is an accompanying responsibility to it.”
“They should not ignore the process, “the electoral body said

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