On Puerto Princesa traffic problem

Traffic congestion is inevitable in every developing city. The growing economy of the City of Puerto Princesa has definitely brought some consequences to city residents. Life in the city has indeed changed. Few years ago, you can leave your home 5 minutes before your scheduled meeting but this time you really have to allot enough time for your travel.


The situation will continue to get worse if local officials will not proactively plan to address the problem on traffic congestion.


Based on various interviews and observations of netizens collected by Palawan News, the current traffic problem in Puerto Princesa City are caused by the following: 1) Failure to forecast the development of the city; 2) Many business establishments do not have provision for parking; 3) Failure to apprehend hundreds of colorum tricycles; 4) Absence of political will to impose an effective traffic scheme; 6)Widened roads are not serving its purpose as these become parking areas of vehicles; 7) Lack of government support to fully implement traffic laws, among others.


According to former MMDA Chair Francis Tolentino, even he, faced great challenges in trying to address the traffic problems in Metro Manila. Tolentino said that he was not able to fully address the traffic problem because his mandates are limited. To be able to address the problem, it needs the support of everyone particularly the concerned agencies like the Department of Public Works and Highways, Land Transportation Office, business sector, highway patrol, commuting public, the transport sector and of course the local government unit.


If one of these groups or agencies failed to perform and cooperate, any traffic scheme  is doomed to fail.


I am not a traffic expert that’s why all I can share is to open the consciousness of everyone on the issue and to enjoin everyone to address the problem once and for all.


On the part of the City Government of Puerto Princesa, there must be a concrete plan on how to address the current and future traffic problem. There must be a political will to apprehend the colorum, go after traffic violators, compel business owners to provide for parking, etc., and to implement traffic scheme proven effective. This problem is recurring. It remains a problem once not address seriously.


As of today, the City Traffic Management Office needs 150 traffic enforcers but it only has 60 personnel some of whom are administrative staff.


Color coding scheme remains on paper because of the lack of personnel to monitor compliance. Colorum tricycle operators are still on their heydays because they are not being caught.


The public has a big role to play. Most of the time we complain because the system is changed. We don’t want to go out from our comfort zone. Yet, we continue to complain as “damn if you, damn if you don’t.”


If we want change, we have to sacrifice and cooperate.



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  1. As a retired police officer, I can tell you that enforcement of the traffic laws is paramount to control traffic and making it run smoothly.
    It will be hard, traffic enforcement will make a lot of people mad, especially after they have been getting away with bad driving practices.
    It takes court, city officals and police to have the courage to make the needed changes.

  2. It will be a ‘fine city’ as a HUC- fine them all I say and the City coffers will be full, in turn no meed to have corruption as the violations are so vast the city will be rich beyond belief- then again it was the administration of the past that caused the issues of today via poor planning and nepotisim greed.

    One aspec/element that was left out, ( but all mentioned are all very valid and noticed by all (1-7)); blatent encroachment and tricks like tax dec on gov roads by the few, and not the few good! The old Calero rd is a prime example, 1.7 km of abuse by those in power and those bribing. This road alone would serve well as a secondry rd for the tricycle issue…

    The National highway is a comedy, a farse, a joke that can only be fathomed is some obscure script about a city that was run by school kids having a day of fun, and it must be true, as no adult would put a school flat bang on a National Highway, as that is very silly to say the least, then again most schools are political statements- enough said…

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