Not Pride But Humility


June 26, 2015 marked a very sad day not only for America but for the rest of the civilized world that sooner or later mimics America through all of its channels of influence, most especially Hollywood.  The Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in all US states has indeed raised the bar in favor of personal rights to choose whom to love and marry, and a breaking point of respect to God.


A one-liner meme captured what has become of today’s reality: that society has been too particular not to offend almost everyone (not limited to humans), except God.


When I started my column here I told myself not to write about my religious belief because I wanted to maintain objectivity and also I want to be careful not to offend those whose faith contradicts mine. What the heck.


Maybe this world came into this ugly turn because we care lesser about God and more about another’s feelings at the expense of truth. If we believe something that we bet our eternal fate on it, would we not defend the truth especially if it saves lives? Say, the truth is a red traffic light means stop, so if I see you trying to cross the street because in your belief, red means go, wouldn’t I grab you by the hair and pull you off the street to save your life?


Lesbians, gays, transgender and the likes are all human beings like us, made men and women—the Bible is clear that there is no third—nor fourth sex. At the early part of Biblical history, even before the great flood, hint of homosexuality as society is fighting now (love, rights, equality) was not even mentioned. Then it was purely wickedness and rebellion, of men desiring to have sex with other men, which ignited God’s wrath resulting to judgment against Sodom and Gomorrah. It was not romanticized as it is now.


But growing up and finding oneself developing as gay or lesbian is not one’s fault but combined effects of one’s childhood, environment and genes. I know personally lots of people that, upon discovering their gender confusion, really grieved and felt hate against themselves, or even shame. But again, I find it not their fault. I see them as victims—growing up in also a not so pretty childhood, I sincerely understand these circumstances. I was there too, not as gender-confused but someone lost—and it was indeed a dark moment.


What has become a fault is when we accept the confusion as fact and embrace all feelings leading to carnal sin that comes with it. In Hosea Chapter 4 verse 6, God said that His children (us) die because of lack of knowledge. The Biblical knowledge that comes from Him and not from this world whose truth changes often to accommodate our comforts and personal preference.


So what truth do I bet my life with? The Biblical truth that God our Father loves us very much, created us male and female, and understands our confusing times, and loves and accepts us anyway.


The Biblical truth that He knows our sufferings and pains and the longings of our hearts (a partner, a lover perhaps), and that He understands that for those with gender confusion, life and choices are always harder.


The Biblical truth that even as we, humans in this decaying bodies prone to sin, innate to sin, and cannot get away with sin as long as we are in this world, He extended His mercy anyway and even sent His one and only Son Jesus for our salvation, because the Bible also made it clear that the payment of sin is death.


What was, and is still promised with this Biblical truth is that when we come to Him with repentant hearts He will heal us and make His truth known. And as we accept the gift of salvation through Jesus’s triumph at the cross, we will be changed (through process, not overnight) into how we are originally designed by God.


But God’s acceptance and healing comes only with a repentant heart. Repentant means remorse thus turning away from it. How can we declare same-sex marriage as love (because God is synonymous with love) if it celebrates rebellion against God’s sanctification of marriage as between a man and a woman? Being gay is not one’s fault but being in same-sex carnal relationship is someone’s personal—and deadly choice.


God promised abundant mercy to those who, by the weakness of this flesh, sins and afterwards turns to Him in repentance. Marrying on the other hand is confirming one’s choice to  defy God and live in continuous carnal sin—trampling and insulting God’s mercy and grace as if one doesn’t need it.


The world hates God and God’s truth because it contradicts the desires of the flesh. But if we trust and surrender to God, He will realign our desires and take off our shame. To our LGBT friends, there is a win-win choice. Try Jesus.


For what good it is if you gain the whole world, even the best spouse there is, but in the process lose your own soul?


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