No 100% examinee attendance in CSC exam in Palawan

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) was unsuccessful in achieving 100% examinee attendance in the recent career service examination it offered in Palawan.

Despite this, the province still holds the record in having the highest number of career service hopefuls, who took the examination Sunday, October 18, in the whole MIMAROPA (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan) Region, according to CSC Palawan Field Office Director Nel Sherwin Carnetes.

Carnetes said out of 3,786 individuals, 150 were no show – 47, who were supposed to take the sub-professional career service examination, and 109 for professional.

The figure represents 4% of the total number of individuals, who registered to take the CSC examination.  In the MIMAROPA Region, the examinees in Palawan represent 96%.

In Puerto Princesa, the testing centers were Palawan National School (PNS) for the professional career service and East Central School (ECS) for the sub-professional examinations.

Around 30 supervising and 304 proctor examiners from different public schools and the city government assisted the CSC. The examinees spent over three hours to take the professional career service exam, and two hours and 40 minutes for a 165-item exam for sub-professional.

The result of the examination is expected in 45 days.

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