NFA defends its rice quality

NFA Palawan wants to change negative public perception on NFA rice.

Officials of the National Food Authority (NFA) in Palawan on Tuesday denied claims that their rice is of poor quality, yellowish in color, and is foul-smelling.

“That perception is what we want to change. Perception game is difficult where those who have not actually tried our rice now is concerned,” Ferlita Ancheta, OIC provincial manager of the NFA in the province said during its commemoration of the agency’s 45th Founding Anniversary.

Although she said that the erroneous perception may have been caused by what was once a period where there was almost no other rice variety except the NFA’s, the case is no longer the same today.

“That was probably during the RCA (Rice and Corn Administration) time when we had no stocks, and people lined up to buy and were sold what were available or left in stock in the country. There was even a point where rice was mixed with corn,” she said.

She said that current NFA rice is comparable to commercial rice.

“This is the reason why right now we’re asking for the help of the media in dispelling this misconception. What we have is rice that has the same quality as the commercial rice,” Ancheta said.


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