New tour sites to open in El Nido in 2016

El Nido, Palawan (Photo:

Around 12 new tour sites in the northern Palawan to of El Nido are set to be opened to the public in 2016, according to the Municipal Tourism Office (MTO).

Arvin Acosta, the municipal tourism officer of El Nido, said the new sites include Abdens Rock, Popolkan Island, Inambogol Island, and East Pangulasian that are blissful for adventurers.

The opening of the new tour sites, he explained, is related to a proposal by the municipal government to temporary close several frequented areas in Bacuit Bay, such as Shimizu Island.

The proposal for temporary closure of some sites in the world-famous bay is enclosed in an ordinance that is now awaiting the approval of majority members of the municipal legislative council.

He explained this is because further studies are needed to ensure that when the temporary closure is implemented, it has the acceptability of all sectors concerned in El Nido.

Acosta said the call for temporary closure of Shimizu Island and four other sites was caused by the fact that the marine environment in Bacuit Bay is suffering due to uncontrolled human incursion.

This is reportedly due to the increasing number of foreign and domestic tourists, who put El Nido on their list as a must-see-destination in Palawan when they visit.

The MTO admitted they have been facing challenges in keeping the town’s marine environment in good condition because of the non-stop influx of visitors.

In 2014, tourism arrival in El Nido reached 70,000. Most of those, who visit are Americans, Germans, and Korean nationals. Before the year ends, the MTO expects tourism arrival to even increase by three-folds.

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