New Paleco BOD Chair in hot water for lack of academic qualification

Dr. Tony Cabrestante files complaint against Dir. Jeffrey Endriga for lack of academic qualification.

The newly installed chairman of the Board of Directors of Palawan Electric Cooperative, Jeffrey Y. Tan-Endriga, is facing the prospect of getting removed from his position if it is proven that he lacks the academic qualification for membership in the Board.


Dr. Antonio P.  Cabrestante filed a complaint against Endriga with the National Electrification Administration in which the former questions the latter’s qualification to run as director of Paleco in the election in 2014, to represent District VIII (Quezon and Rizal towns) of the electric cooperative.


According to Dr. Cabrestante, Endriga did not have a college bachelor’s degree at the time of the election, contrary to what the latter stated in his sworn certificate of candidacy for the election of Paleco District VIII representative to the Board that was held on December 13, 2014.


“Director Endriga lied” and “committed perjury” in his Notarized Certificate of Candidacy, Cabrestante said in his complaint to Paleco Board of Directors dated December 17, 2015, attaching copies of Endriga’s Transcript of Record and Diploma, “neither of which the latter submitted when he ran for directorship in the Board”.


Based on the copy of the diploma that Endriga submitted later, the same states that he is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science major in Local Government Administration (Executive Program) at the University of Makati on August 19, 2015.


“He declared in his Certificate of Candidacy that he is college degree holder as of 2014 samantalang ang nakalagay sa diploma niya na siya ay na confer na graduate lamang noong August 2015. Kaya noong nag-file siya ay hindi pa siya graduate,” Cabrestante said.


“They have to act on this urgent matter because the outcome of this complaint will affect the decision of the board,” Cabrestante said as he urged the Paleco Board for an immediate action on the issue he raised in his complaint with it, considering that Endriga’s qualification to function as chair and his decisions will have an impact on the member consumers of Paleco in spite of his questionable qualification to act as such.


In a letter response of Paleco Manager Ric Zambales to Milagros Quinajon, director of Institutional Development Department of NEA, pertaining to the foresaid accusation of Dr. Cabrestante against Endriga, the former said that the latter submitted a Certification dated November 28, 2014from the University of Makati, duly signed by Dr. Edison Delos Trinos Tapia, attesting that Endriga has finished the course. “The Screening Committee did not solely rely on the Certification but verified the authenticity of the document,” Zambales said in his letter.


Zambales also stated in his letter that “The Paleco Election Code provides as one of the qualifications a candidate (for Board Directorship) should possess is that he is a graduate of bachelor’s degree, (which) cannot be proven by a transcript of record or diploma alone.  In the absence of these documents, other documents may be presented which prove that an applicant for directorship is a graduate of bachelor’s degree, such as the certification coming from the University of Makati where he finished his course.”


In an interview with Endriga, he said that he got his bachelor degree in the form of modular system of education that is equivalent to a four-year course.  “Inipon ang lahat ng certification ko during the time na ako ay councillor. Ito ay programa ng Philippine Councilors League at University of Makati. Ito ay nire-recognize ng gobyerno,” Endriga said.


Endriga stressed that their learning session ended on the fourth quarter of 2014, although his diploma was issued only in August 2015. “Ang lecture namin natapos ng fourth quarter ng 2014. Alam naman natin na ang special order galing sa CHED will take time,” he said.

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