Narra mayor to appeal Sandiganbayan conviction

Narra Mayor Lucena Demaala is set to appeal on the decision of the Sandiganbayan (file photo)

Narra Mayor Lucena Demaala said Friday she is set to appeal the decision of the Sandigabayan on a graft case penalizing her with a stiff imprisonment term and permanent disqualification from holding public office.

“My conscience is clean. [There was] no graft on my part during the time (in) 2000,” she said.

Demaala was referring to the decision of the Sandigabayan 3rd Division which found her guilty of 14 counts of graft over a municipal government transaction wherein the municipality purchased supplies in 2000 amounting to P93,512 from a company owned by her daughter.

In a message sent to the press on Friday, Demaala said her lawyers will seek relief from the high court through filing a motion for reconsideration.

The Sandiganbayan has slapped Demaala with a jail term of 85 to 140 years and barred her from assuming public office.

 “[I] am fighting the greatest battle of my life regarding the decision of Sardigan[bayan],” she stated in her message.

The Office of the Ombudsman had accused Demaala of making several anomalous purchases of office supplies, curtains, trophies and sports supplies with ADB Trading, the company of her daughter, Arleen Diaz Barquilla-Cabando.

In defense, the mayor explained it was in ADB Trading that the municipal government made credits and quick purchases of needed supplies.

 “My only regret was I shouldn’t have signed the vouchers,” she said.

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