Multi-destination package around UR planned

PPSRNP is contemplating on creating “a tourism circuit” (file photo)

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Natural Park (PPSRNP) wants to create a package of various nature and ecotourism destinations built around the Underground River to enhance tourism in the park.

Park Superintendent Elizabeth Maclang said they are contemplating on creating “a tourism circuit” that can be done by tourists on a 3-day and 2 nights package.

She explained that the purpose of the tourism circuit within the PPSRNP is to also to provide the tourists the experience of being with the local community.

Maclang said that workshops and discussions are ongoing with other stakeholders in the PPUR to polish and finalize a plan for this purpose.

Other stakeholders include paddleboat tour guides, wellness spa owners and therapist, jungle trail tour guides, souvenir and handicraft makers, fishermen, fisherfolks and women, as well as the Tagbanua and Batac indigenous people.

She said the effort is part of the UNDP-funded project Promoting Biodiversity and Ecological Integrity of PPSRNP thru community-based livelihood enterprises.

She explained that the integration of a tourism circuit that will encourage longer stay of tourists in the City.

“Aside from the Underground River, there are other adventure activities—ziplining, caving, rock climbing, surfing, boating, trekking, trip to mangrove forest and many more”, said Maclang.

“PPUR has become the ultimate vacation destination for adventure opportunities, relaxation, and nature exploration and a three –day itinerary will make the tours very memorable”.

An Ethnographic Museum is within the premises of the PPUR specifically at the park’s visitor/tourist center. This museum displays the culture and heritage of Tagbanua and Batak indigenous people with their ancient jewelry, jars, tools, photographs and other artifacts.

Maclang also said that since the studies for the construction of a new wharf has been already in its final phase, and the construction stage of the project will push through this 2018.

“Ini-una yung study which is now ongoing and the wharf construction will start this year,” she said.

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