Aborlan lass is Ms. Silka 2017

Winners of Miss Silka 2017 Pageant

Red Cross volunteer Reyna Michelle Ruhen was crowned as this year’s Ms. Silka Palawan during the pageant’s coronation night on Saturday, at Robinsons Palawan Activity Center.

The 17-year old bet from Aborlan, who stands 5’9, is a student leader and a sports enthusiast.

Ruhen emerged as a crowd favorite during the question and answer portion when she was asked whether she believed that Filipina women are empowered in Philippine society.

“Yes. Because we are able to step up and we are evolving faster to show our abilties to the whole world. I, myself, is an example of an empowered woman, standing in front of you, for I do believe that I can motivate each one of us, to promote my advocacy in life and that is to be a great leader to my fellow women someday,” Ruhen said.

The other winners were Yvonne Rodriguez, 1st runner up; Sabrina Rose Wagner, 2nd runner up; and Kristin Mae Santos, 3rd runner up. All were candidates from Puerto Princesa City.

Cleo Dimaampo, pageant organizer, said Ruhen will represent Puerto Princesa City in the upcoming Ms. Silka Philippines 2017 which will be held in October.

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