Mining security guard nabbed for gun threat

A 29-year old security guard was arrested after threatening a MENRO volunteer with an unlicensed gun around 10PM Tuesday at Barangay Maasin, Brookes Point, Palawan.

Police identified the victim as Allan Mark Gammad, a security officer at Ipilan Nickel Corporation, Brookes Point, Palawan.

Reports from Brookes Point police station disclosed that the suspect was having a drinking spree with his girlfriend identified as Maricar Lauriano and one other companion at a store near the established checkpoint of MENRO.

A MENRO personnel identified as Rizal Mabborang approached them and an intense argument transpired between the suspect and the victim. The storeowner pacified the two. The suspect left the store together with his girlfriend, and when about to pass the MENRO checkpoint the suspect drew a 9mm pistol. The victim grabbed the pistol from the suspect and successfully confiscated the weapon.

The suspect left the area together with his girlfriend and went to Brookes Point police station to report what happened. Personnel from MENRO also went to the police station and turned-over the said firearm.

The suspect was held for custody by authorities after failing to show authority in possessing the said firearm. A case for Violation of RA10592 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act) is now being prepared against the suspect.

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