Mining firms promote organic farming

RTNMC and CBNC promote organic farming in the community

To address the issue of poverty, malnutrition and other health related issues in the tribal community of Barangay Iwahig, the RTNMC Comrel has introduced organic vegetable farming.

The Community Relations of RTNMC tapped the assistance of Engr. Teresita Guian, former Department Head of Agriculture of the province of Palawan to lead the training on land preparation, establishment of nursery, planting and maintenance using organic technology.

The vermi composting technology which is a great help in soil conditioning and fertilization were also introduced to 37 IP (Indigenous People) women. They were also thought to prepare fish amino acid fertilizer as a grow promoter for plants and vegetables. It is made up with fish or fish waste with molasses. They also learned to prepare vegetable and fruit fertilizer and pesticide.

After the training, they were organized into an association to facilitate and manage their organic farm. They have three planting sites, one located at Sitio Paratungon. It is a 1.5 hectare, wherein bitter gourd, pepper, atsuite, tomato, okra and eggplant are slowly growing. The other site is located at So. Pajo, a 1 hectare land area which is planted with carrot, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, atsuete, and sitao. The last one is a 1 hectare site located at So. Agas, with vegetables such as squash, tomato, pechay and atsuete.

After several months of establishing their organic farm, they have already started earning through selling their harvests in their community and at the local market of Bgy. Rio Tuba. During the site visit of the Comrel in one of the planting sites, Purita Bacay, one of the members of their association said “hindi lang hanapbuhay ang dulot ng pagtatanim namin ng gulay, naging mas malapit narin kaming mga nanay sa isa’t-isa, parang bonding na namin ang araw-araw na pagdalaw sa aming gulayan”.

RTNMC and CBNC, through their SDMP, engage in organic farming in support of Republic Act 10068.

Organic fertilizer was not only introduced to IP communities but also to coffee and vegetable farmers in Bataraza.


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