We started the year with so much hope and positivity about what is  gonna be for the year 2016.

Almost half of the year was spent trying to figure out the outcome of the national and local elections. We elected new sets of people to lead our country. We’ve encountered so much local issues and changes on the ground. We’ve resisted, reacted but still united as one nation.

There is so much to thank for. Palawan News would like to thank the staff who despite the inadequacies they remain steadfast with their commitment of making a difference in the community through truthful writings. The advertisers greatly helped the publication for the sustainability of operation.

We want to also recognize the efforts of the columnists who passionately provided insights on various issues in the community. Most importantly, we want to say “thank you” to all the subscribers online and in print. They are the reason of our existence.

As we about to fold the page of 2016, our fervent prayer is for every Palaweño to be blessed in all aspect of their life. May God’s protection be with you always.


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