Marines dismantles MNLF camp in Puerto Princesa City

Some MNLF members flock near the ‘MNLF Camp’ yesterday waiting for their orientation to start.

The Philippine Marines has dismantled the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) camp at Inagawan Sub-Colony on Thursday, April 20 for failure of the group to present necessary documents proving their ownership over the land they occupied.


According to Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm Superintendent Antonio Cruz, the area where MNLF set camp is still part of government reservation under the Bureau of Corrections.


Supt. Cruz said they have allowed the MNLF members to hold their meeting among members yesterday on the condition that there is no raising of flags or banners of MNLF in the area.


Meanwhile, Dr. Samsula J. Adju, acting leader of the group, clarified that they were made to believe by one of its members that the land belongs to him.


“Kahapon ko lang nalaman na sa BuCor pala ‘yun,” Dr. Adju said.


However Dr. Adju said that despite such dismantling of their camp they remain undiscouraged in implementing projects and programs for their members.


“Kung talagang sa BuCor ‘yan, wala tayo magagawa. Hahanap na lang kami ng ibang lugar,” he said.


The MNLF vowed they will go back to Palawan in June to consult with the community where they could set up their ‘MNLF Community’, as well as to determine the kind of livelihood they could provide among their members.


The MNLF presence in the Puerto Princesa had created an alarm among residents which caused the AFP and PNP to immediately monitor and curtail possible conflicts it may create.

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