Mandatory drug testing for all drivers pushed

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Public transport drivers may soon have to undergo a mandatory drug test, following First District Board Member Roseller Pineda’s proposed resolution to the Provincial Board. Pineda’s proposal specifically enjoins the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to order all public transport operators/owners in Palawan to have their drivers undergo mandatory drug tests. The proposed resolution will ensure the safety of commuters, motorists and pedestrians in the province, Pineda explained.

According to the proponent, he was able to talk with the relatives of some of the victims of the August 29 San Isidro Bus accident in Taytay, and some of them suggested that aside from recklessness, the bus driver might be under the influence of drugs. “Whether it’s true or not, generally, very vulnerable ang riding public sa accident dahil sa drugs, that’s why it is important to conduct a random drug test among drivers,”

Pineda said. Instead of the usual question-and-answer hour in their regular session, most of the lawmakers preferred to discuss the issue at the committee level. Representatives from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), LTFRB, Land Transportation Office (LTO) and PNP (Palawan PPO) will be invited next week for a hearing that will be spearheaded by the Committee on Transportation.

The proponent is optimistic that his co-legislators will support his proposed resolution and that it will eventually be approved when reported in the plenary.

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