Japanese volunteers to work in Cleopatra’s Needle

SIGNED. Representatives from Palawan-based non-profit group Centre for Sustainability PH together with representatives of Tochigi Conservation Corps as they posed for a photo following the formal signing of agreement. (Photo by Centre for Sustainability PH)

A Japanese non-government organization has partnered with the Palawan-based Centre for Sustainability PH (CS) to promote the conservation of Cleopatra’s Needle, one of Puerto Princesa City’s proposed protected areas found in the City’s northern boundary.

Karina May Reyes-Antonio of CS said they have just formalized a “green partnership” with Tochigi Conservation Corps (TCC) based in Mashiko, Japan for an international exchange program to enhance the common objectives of both organizations.

“It will be a great opportunity for the learning of and integration between Philippine and Japanese experience and knowledge, and particularly incorporating the principles of indigenous knowledge systems and practices into sound trail restoration which is suitable to our tropical climate,” Reyes said.

Based on the program partnership signed by CS’ Reyes-Antonio and TCC’s Tatsuya Tsukamoto and Mai Okimoto, the non-profit group will send ts staff to a 3-month training in Japan in September. In return, in March 2018, 10 Japanese volunteers will conduct a 10-day work camp in CS’ project area, the recently declared Cleopatra’s Needle Critical Habitat in northeast Puerto Princesa City.

Reyes-Antonio said they will facilitate the work of Japanese volunteers with indigenous and lowland coastal communities in conducting trail restoration of key tourist destinations that will improve access to the unique flora and fauna spots at Cleopatra’s Needle and enhance their community-based sustainable tourism partners.

Cleopatra’s Needle is one of the most biologically diverse mountains of Palawan and is considered as the highest peak of Puerto Princesa City. (RELATED: #ExpPALAWAN| Cleopatra’s Needle: What You Need To Know)

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