Japanese man dies in suspected drowning incident in Nagtabon Beach, Puerto Princesa

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A 60-year-old Japanese man is reported dead today, March 3, allegedly from drowning at Nagtabon Beach, Bgy. Bacungan, Puerto Princesa.

According to Aries Jake Aragon, KAAC’s Operation Manager, around 11:30 today, someone reported a drowning incident in the said area, to which they immediately dispatched an ambulance.

The ambulance and the private vehicle met “half way” on the road. The emergency team, upon checking the victim, found the latter absent of pulse, breathing and other vital signs. The team, according to Alarcon, still conducted a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedure to the victim on their way to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the victim was declared as ‘dead-on-arrival’ around 12 noon today at Palawan Adventist Hospital.

Nagtabon Beach also recorded a fatal drowning incident last February 4 involving a 21-year old computer programmer from Bgy. Sta. Monica, this city.

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