Is it over?

Since last week, the people of Puerto Princesa continue to be shaken by the Ombudsman’s decision to dismiss Lucilo R. Bayron as the city’s chief executive for serious dishonesty and grave misconduct. The said order came with a corresponding penalty of dismissal from service and perpetual disqualification from holding any public office, cancellation of all retirement benefits, eligibility and prohibition to take any Civil Service examination.

The populace, particularly Baryon’s supporters, have waited for several days, watching as events unfolded. The Mayor’s supporters have flocked to the city hall, chanting and blocking the major entrances and exits to the premises upon learning that the DILG is about to serve the dismissal order.

On February 10, Friday, the order was finally served by the DILG and was received by Bayron’s legal counsel, Atty. Winston Gonzales, at the Governor’s Office. Bayron’s camp had a sigh of relief upon learning that despite the order, Bayron will remain as mayor of the city, upholding the appellate court’s decision saying that “the order (Ombudsman) is not executory” as it void the date of implementation.

Opinions, both solicited and unsolicited, have been forwarded regarding the said dismissal order, each varying in interpretation. Others have argued that the order is executory, while Bayron’s camp has maintained that it is not.

Following the recent turn of events, it can be said that Bayron’s camp has gained some strength to renew its fight in the coming days. As of press time, the Mayor’s legal team is fighting for a possible issuance of a TRO from the Court of Appeals, or for favorable action in their Motion for Reconsideration at the Office of the Ombudsman. The city’s chief exec, at the very least, has gained additional time to prepare for their next legal battles.

With that said, perhaps the million-dollar question now is this: when this will be over?

As events continue to turn with details unraveling, the timeline remains rigged with uncertainty. The only sure thing is that Puerto Princesans should brace themselves in the next days to come.

God bless the City.

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