Increased volume of city waste strains collector’s capacity

CSWM admits it has been struggling with garbage collection since the Christmas holidays

The City Solid Waste Management (CSWM) has admitted it has been struggling with garbage collection since the Christmas holidays, where they have not been collecting some 204 tons of waste in a day, higher than 2016’s 90 tons average daily collection.

“Every year, we expect an increase of 10 tons in waste collection. But this time, we were shocked that it ballooned and we had a hard time catching up,” CSWM Chief Andrew Russel said Thursday, January 11, during the Philippine Information Agency’s Kapihan.

Based on the CSWM’s report from December 20, 2017 to Jan. 10, 2018, the average daily waste collection was 121.3 tons.  On Christmas and New Year, the CSWM gathered 163.2 and 198.5 tons, respectively.

“It’s quite hard for us to keep up with the bulk of garbage, especially that our budget for daily collection in 2017 was only intended for up to 110 tons,” he said.

The highest collection of 204.6 tons was recorded on Jan. 5. Just on Wednesday, Jan. 10, waste collection was still high with 173.4 tons.

“Why we still had a high waste collection even after the holiday season was because we’ve been making rounds in the city’s interior for cleanups. But we’re expecting the collection to go down in the next days as visitors, who have greatly contributed to the increase, are going back to their places,” Russel said.

The CSWM has 148 collectors manning the 18 garbage trucks, which operate in two shifts in the daytime; at night, six go out to do garbage collection, Russel added.

“In particular, we target to regularly empty trash bins which are located along roads where tourists usually pass by, like Rizal Avenue, Manalo and Malvar streets, as well as the national highway,” he said.

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