Human resources seminar held

Human resource and administrative personnel coming from different companies and institutions in the province attended the recently concluded “Seminar on Trends and Challenges affecting Human Resource Management”.

The seminar focused on two major topics: occupational safety and health, and human resource issues, which were discussed by two resource speakers.

The first speaker was Engr. Harthwell Capistrano, an accredited safety practitioner of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), a registered nurse and a petroleum engineer. He is also one of the national board of directors of the Workplace Advocates on Safety in the Philippines Inc. (WASPI) and the CEO/ President of Petrosphere Incorporated.

Engr. Capistrano talked about the importance of having a great sense of safety in the operations and day to day activities at work, and the role of HR officers in ensuring that they hire the right people for the right job.

He also highlighted the importance of compliance of the companies to the Occupational Health and Safety Standards of the Philippines.

“At the end of the day, we have to ensure that we don’t only comply with the social, moral, and legal requirements of making sure we safely operate our business, but we need to make sure that nobody gets sick and dies while our employees are working in our company,” Engr. Capistrano said.

Companies should hire trained safety officers who will serve as the focal person for the implementation of their health and safety management system. Trained safety officers are those who have taken Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) and or Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) training, which Petrosphere is also providing.

The second speaker was Professor Cecilia Malolos who came from Dela Salle University, Manila. She was the former dean of the College of Business and Management of the Western Philippines University and Former Director of the Provincial Center for Human Rights Education – WPU.

“I would like to believe that HR managers are the most “battered” employees in organizations because they serve as ‘shock absorbers’ of the top management and the rank and file employees. While they receive orders from the top and complaints from below; they are also required to filter the information they receive so that people from both ends receive correct information using gentler vocabulary,’ said Professor Malolos.

In hiring the right people: should you hire the most intelligent applicant? This was asked during the discussion. Professor Malolos said that it is the attitude and behavior of the applicant that matter the most.

Also, there are a lot of new trends and issues in HR these past years that Professor Malolos believes HR managers should be updated with, such as the digital natives known as the millennial workforce, LGBT issues in the office, bullying, social media, and others.

Things that were not present 10 years ago are now right in front of us. We have entered a digital era with digital challenges too, and if HR managers are not equipped to understand and handle them, problems might ensue and might hamper employees’ productivity, as well.

Trends change fast. HR Managers need to be proactive rather than reactive because solving problems can be costly. That is why HR managers need to be updated with new trends and issues that may pose a challenge to their work. If HR managers are well informed, they might be able to acknowledge a potential issue even before it becomes a problem, and that could mean savings for the company.

“We have to encourage our companies to be proactive in sending their officers and employees to related seminars so that they will be given regular updates and ideas to further enhance and improve their business operations,” Professor Malolos said.

Professor Malolos is the vice president of the DLSU Business Doctoral Society, De La Salle University, Manila, while she is taking up her Doctor of Philosophy in Business. She’s a graduate of BS in Business Administration major in Banking and Finance, Master of Educational Management, and Master of Business Administration (with units)

In the next few months, Petrosphere will be conducting series of seminars including Hotel and Resort Safety and Security Seminar, monthly BOSH and COSH, and Environmental Updates on Zero Carbon Emission.

Petrosphere Inc. is a training, review, and consultancy center that conducts DOLE mandated safety training here in Puerto Princesa City and nationwide. It is the first and so far, the only accredited STO (Safety Training Organization) that is based in Palawan and the whole MIMAROPA.

To know more about Petrosphere, you may check visit its website at, or their FB page at,  call/SMS at 09178291370, (048) 433 0601.


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