High blood cases seen to rise during El Niño

The Palawan Provincial Health Office reminded Palaweno’s that high blood cases may increase during the onset of El Niño.

Dr. Mary Ann Navarro of the PHO said health of the people will be affected because of the sudden change in the weather from hot and humid to colder days as December nears.

The most common illnesses will be cough, flu, asthma, sore eyes, vomiting, dehydration, stroke and high blood, Navarro said.

She also said that people should have their medicines on hand, always drink cold water and don’t expose themselves to the heat.

Data from the PHO showed that in 2010, hypertension was 6th on the list of the most common illnesses, 5th in 2011, 3rd in 2013 with 8,122 cases.

Navarro said the high temperature aggravate the risks of hypertension.

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