Hagedorn files candidacy for recall election

Hagedorn shows to media his certificate of candidacy for May 8 recall election.

By Keith Anthony Fabro & Joy Tabuada


Supporters of former Puerto Princesa City mayor Edward S. Hagedorn flocked to the city coliseum as a show of force to the bid for recall election of the former chief executive.


At around 6:00 o’clock in the morning, the surroundings of the city coliseum started to turn  red as people wearing red shirts  with Y2R (Yes to Recall) prints  converged and made chants for their leader whom they called “tunay na lider.”

Hagedorn arrived at the city coliseum at exactly 9:00 o’clock in the morning. He was accompanied by his wife Ellen M. Hagedorn, 3rd Congressional District Representative Douglas S. Hagedorn, recall principal petitioner Al Roben Goh, his vocal supporter Joey Mirasol and among others.

The city councilors who are mostly allies of Hagedorn came thirty minutes early.


The entrance door of Comelec was tightly guarded by two police men and security people of Hagedorn that even the  media were not allowed to enter the Comelec office despite the complaints and arguments with the security guys.

When Hagedorn arrived the people had went frenzied- shouting and chanting.


Hagedorn went off Comelec office 9:24am.

According to Hagedorn, his filing of certificate of candidacy willput an end to rumors casting doubt about the forthcoming recall.

“Sa wakas, tapos na rin ang agam-agam. Maraming nagsasabi hindi matutuloy ang recall, pero tapos na ang ating paghihintay. Ito na ‘yun. Balik na naman tayo sa pangangampanya,” told Hagedorn to media. (Finally, the misgivings have ended. Many have had said that the recall will not prosper, but the long wait is over. This is it. We’ll get back to campaigning.)

Hagedorn left the city coliseum hoisting his certificate of candidacy with roaring supporters surrounding him, leading to his white Land Cruiser vehicle and departed with the convoy at 9:30am.

Recall petitioner and former city information chief Goh said the filing is” just a step closer in bringing back the hype, peace and security that was lost upon Bayron’s assumption to office.”

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