Fisherman catches 6-ft crocodile in Brooke’s Point

Municipal Councilor Ton Abengoza says the crododile will be released back to the wild tomorrow, January 5. (Photo by Ton Abengoza)

Talks about a crocodile spotted near the port of the town Brooke’s Point might finally put to an end after a 6.2 feet crocodile was caught by a fisherman, January 2, at Sitio Tigaplan, Brgy. Pangobilian in Brooke’s Point.


According to Municipal Councilor Ton Abengoza, a fisherman of the area intentionally caught the reptile for fear that it will victimized residents. Residents immediately turned-over the crocodile to Barangay Chairman Edgar Inso for proper disposition.


According to Abengoza, they are scheduled to release the crocodile to its natural habitat in compliance to the memorandum of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development that “any reptile caught must be returned to their habitat.”


It can be recalled that in the previous months crocodile sightings have been reported near the town’s port area which alarmed the nearby community.



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  1. Thank you so much to Municipal Councilor Abengoza for supporting the cause of conserving our threatened wildlife species – Rainier Manalo

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