ExpPALAWAN: Thrill Trekking at Bakbakan Falls in Brooke’s Point

Should you be looking for a challenging trek this summer, consider the seventh falls in Bgy. Mainit, Brooke’s Point, also known as Bakbakan Falls. It can satisfy your thirst for thrill. The town’s local tourism office said there are actually numerous uncharted waterfalls upstream in this part of Brooke’s Point but venturing into them is discouraged because of the risks (no passable trail yet), plus the ground is considered enchanted by our native Tagbanua brothers. They also informed us that a butterfly species endemic to Brooke’s Point can be found deep in the mountains. The butterfly’s wings are said to measure up to a foot wide. Anyways, while these areas remain off-limits, Bakbakan Falls should be more than enough as a treat to your adventure-seeking bones.

There are numerous van transport and bus that travel southbound that can take you to Brooke’s Point. These vans leave almost every hour and cost P300 for a one-way trip.

Drop-off point is at the Seven Falls Hot Spring and Nature Park Resort. From there, you can ride or hire a tricycle from the national highway crossing to the falls. You can also contact the local tourism office through Ms. Arlene Piramide (09177750648) so she can direct you to the guide that will take you to Bakbakan Falls.

After approximately forty-five minutes of taxing hike you’ll reach the 64 meters (roughly 200 feet) cascades of Bakbakan Falls. Be extra cautious though, because the trail will get the better of you. It is recommended that you wear leggings to protect you from scratches, especially from wild leaves that can cause skin irritation. Believe me for

I learned it the hard way when my legs got in contact with leaves of ‘lupa’, which I thought was harmless. I had itchy skin for a week. Make sure, too, that your footwear is comfortable enough and won’t make you slip when you cross rivers and hike ravines.

Bring your water to keep you hydrated and lunch if you opt to eat at the falls. Be mindful to bring trash bag for proper garbage disposal. After all, we are responsible hikers, right?

Happy waterfalls hunting!

About the Author: Bev is a contributing reflection writer for Didache Youth, a Catholic devotional for youth. She travels extensively throughout her college days as a youth leader in her lay community, allowing her to meet lots of people and discover new places. Her love for her province has been fortified when she became one of the 2014 Tubbataha Youth Ambassadors. This has awakened her interest in rediscovering Palawan’s beauty and protecting it. She writes her adventures and reflections on the road on her blog bevthepalawanderer.wordpress.com. You can also read her ruminations on her page, The Wandering Palawenya.


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