#ExpPalawan: Have another way of enjoying San Vicente through Farmbelle Park

Kayaking is one of the featured activities at Farmbelle Park.

The town of San Vicente in Palawan is popular for its long stretch of beaches covered with white sand blending into crystal clear waters. The formerly laid-back town is now starting to have a vibrant community brought by tourism, a sector now playing a major role in the development of the area.


Resorts and pension houses are sprouting everywhere. One of the places that attracts most tourists is Farmbelle Park, which sits along the road, just a few meters away from the highly popular Long Beach. You won’t miss it—the place is craftily designed and stands out from the rows of establishment along the road. The front portion of the park offers basic amenities for the wandering tourist: a travel agency, convenience store, coffee shop and restaurant, business office, and a grilling kiosk. The grilling kiosk offers a variety of grilled foods from fish, prawns, squid, meat, chicken, vegetables and a lot more. On top of these are the comfortable accommodations that give you the feeling of home.

Farmbelle Park offers variety of services to serve the needs of its guests.(Photo by Christian Lad Diokno)

If you’re a tourist in dire need of basic stuff, the convenient store will bail you out of your dilemma. If you just want to relax or shoot some quick emails home, the business office can handle that. Here’s a teaser: food at the restaurant usually include seafood freshly caught by local fishermen.


Never running out of things to do

Farmbelle Park offers more than just such basic amenities, however. If you need a bit of a break from the beach, this San Vicente attraction and the activities it offers is the perfect answer.


Kayak down a river through mangrove trees

Upon entering the park, one thing that will guarantee a smile from you is the river surrounding the place, which leads to Long Beach. In fact, Farmbelle Park is like a small island surrounded by a river. The water is brackish and you can catch fish of different species.


To top off your ‘river experience’, Farmbelle Park offers kayaking through a mangrove forest where old mangrove trees proudly stand tall, conserved and protected by the local community.


Any exhaustion you might feel after kayaking will surely be dispelled once your meal at Farmbelle is served. The park’s chef provides a mouth-watering selection of the finest seafood dishes and more: grilled squid, grilled fish, steamed or garlic prawns, lobster, native chicken soup and tons more.


And to make your meal more enjoyable, Farmbelle uniquely features a cultural singing group that entertains the guests with Cuyuno and Agutaynen ongs, a project personally overseen by the park’s owner herself, Annabelle Rovalo Dimaapi.



(Photo by Christian Lad Diokno)

Amenities and plans of expansion

Farmbelle Park also has beautiful and convenient rooms complete with the basic furnishings, TV with cable signals. The wifi connection is very strong but only at the option of the guests.


Today, Farmbelle Park is still pursuing to expand the place and continue providing a complete experience to guests. The swimming pool, function room, and other unique features are underway.


Owner Annabelle is determined to ensure the place stands out among the attractions in San Vicente, as she believes making the park unique will be advantageous for the tourism industry of the town. She is closely working with the local government unit in promoting and developing tourism projects to help San Vicente, which she now considers her second home.


“San Vicente has renewed my life. It gave the reason to hope again,” said Annabelle who now spends most of her time in Farmbelle Park.

(Photo by Christian Lad Diokno)

In her recent meeting with Vice-Mayor Antonio Gonzales, Annabelle said they have discussed the need to prepare for the increased demand for food supplies, such as meat and vegetables, which is expected to continue rising in the next few months once the regional airport in San Vicente opens this year.


Farmbelle Park hopes to provide more income to residents of San Vicente. Today, it helps a lot of people in various ways, from employment to part-time engagement.


With the complete experience that it offers to a tourist hungry for new experiences, Farmbelle Park is certainly a worthy addition to your San Vicente itinerary. Check it out now!


For inquiries visit www.farmbellepark.com or check the following Facebook account: Farmbelle Park, Farmbelle Cottages, Farmbelle Restaurant, Isla Palawan Travel @Tours, Skylion Mugnet Café, Farmbelle Grill


(Photo by Christian Lad Diokno)

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