El Niño to cause increase in the number of rabies victims, Provincial vet warns

Source: www.indian.express.com

The Provincial Veterinary Office through its head Dr. Juanito Pio Lledo warns the public of the possible increase of victims of rabies this summer time especially with the high probability of El Niño occurrence this year.



Dr. Lledo said that because of the hot temperature, it causes stress and thus dogs and cats will most likely to acquire rabies and bite whoever disturbs or threatens them. Based on statistics, there were 2,931 victims of rabies in 2014, most were dog bites and 2, 974 in 2015 as of third quarter’data. It is expected to get even higher.



Dr. Lledo asked the public not to underestimate the effects of rabies because it can cause death. Proofs were the 5 persons in Puerto Princesa who died last year because of rabies. He said that it is very important for pet owners to be responsible in taking good care of animals, to always do proper grooming to lessen the possibility of acquiring rabies.

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