DTI monitors establishments selling hover boards

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The Department of Trade and Industry – Palawan strictly implements monitoring of different establishments in the city of Puerto Princesa and in the whole province that sells hover boards, says Provincial Director Rosenda Fortunado.



DTI conforms to the campaign of the Department of Health (DOH) that there must be restrictions in the selling and usage of hover boards especially for children 14 years old as it pose danger to children.



Dir. Fortunado explains that  electronic toys normally requires 24-volt batteries but there are hover boards that have 36 volts which is too dangerous  delicate for kids. It is also difficult to balance and control that is why accidents are likely to happen.



Based on the reports of DTI and DOH, in other parts of the world, there is an increasing number in hover board-injuries related accident like fractures, sprains, laceration and even head injuries. “We don’t want this to happen in the Philippines,” Fortunado said.



She assured that hover boards available in the market underwent quality control check based on specified standards. Nevertheless, the DTI advises parents that as much as possible, do not tolerate the children to buy hover boards to ensure safety.


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