DOST promotes eco-friendly technologies in tourism towns

Part of DOST ecologically-friendly technology is e-trike and Eco-Sep (Photo by photo)

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) said they have been promoting ecologically-friendly technologies in the province aimed at boosting tourism and addressing the needs of the industry.

“Palawan is considered as an eco-tourism hub in the country at ito yung mga technologies na akma para sa Palawan” said DOST Regional Director, Dr. Ma. Josefina P. Abilay said on Thursday.

Abilay said among the new technologies they have been promoting is the electric tricycle and the environment-friendly septic tank they have dubbed “Eco-Sep”.

“We have series of technology forums, Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety Training, and site visitation to potential beneficiaries of the technology,” the director said.

Abilay said they introduced these technologies in Palawan because they wanted to ensure ecologically sustainable development by introducing technologies that aim to boost the tourism sector while protecting the environment.

Abilay cited, in particular, the case of Coron which is facing difficult challenges in terms of its waste management and which will benefit from the Eco-Sep.

DOST research specialist Athena Colline Verdey described the technology as a septic water management system that involves the use of Vigormin, an organo-mineral product that hastens the decomposition of harmful bacteria present in septic tanks thereby preventing water contamination.

Verdey added that the Electric Vehicle Technology or the E-trike was also introduced to the tricycle operators in Coron to encourage them to adopt the technology and also minimize carbon emission in the province.

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