DOH closes case on child’s death after parents refuse autopsy


Puerto Princesa City- The Department of Health decided to put closure on the investigation of the cause of death of a grade 3 pupil of Sta. Monica Elementary School because the parents of the child refused to have the student undergo an autopsy.
The child suffered stomach aches on July 31 and his parents immediately brought him to a private doctor.


At the clinic, he collapsed which prompted the family to rush him to the Ospital ng Palawan where he was declared “dead on arrival.”
According to Jonalyn, mother of the child, they don’t see any reason for the sudden death of their son because they did not give any medicine to the child prior to the incident.

Carmencita Madawa, teacher of the pupil said they distributed de-worming tablets to students on July 3 which is way ahead the scheduled national de-worming activity held July 29.
School attendance shows that the child was recorded absent for several days during the last week of July or during the time that the National School Deworming Day was conducted.


In the report of, DOH MIMAROPA regional director Dr. Eduardo C. Janairo said that it can be established that the deworming tablet (albendazole) had nothing to do with the child’s death.


The regional director said that based on the information gathered, the child suffered constant abdominal pain in the right lower quadrant.


He added that there were records that the parents of the child had resorted to self-medication as “remedy” instead of early consultation with the hospital to avert any further complications on the child’s condition.


Based on the records of the private clinic where the child was taken, castor oil and healthy powder drink were administered to the child by his parents/relatives to relieve his abdominal pain.


The child later complained that he had bowel movement difficulty or could not defecate, and instead began to vomit greenish liquid and fainted, thus alarming the parents who were advised to transfer him to a bigger hospital that can provide the best remedy.


Due to the refusal of parents to have the child autopsied, DOH decided not to pursue the investigation.

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