Crystal Paradise: A perfect getaway in the South

Crystal Paradise Resort Spa and Winery is in Bgy. Antipuluan, Narra, Palawan. It is a beautiful landscape. (Photo grabbed from Crystal Paradise FB Page)

92 kilometers away from the center of Puerto Princesa, is a place that exudes calmness and solitude. It is a natural beauty and far from the glamour of today’s concept of a resort.

Crystal Paradise Resort Spa and Winery is in Bgy. Antipuluan, Narra, Palawan. A paradise indeed!  The place is surrounded by greenery, tall coconut trees, and ornamental plants. It is a beautiful landscape.

Silence surrounds the place. You can only hear the waves and the chirping of the birds the whole day. A perfect place to relax, read a book, and just be with loved ones. You will surely have quality time to talk about anything and everything.

Within the 12-hectare area, Crystal Paradise has six villas with private infinity swimming pools. It also has standard rooms, executive rooms and fan rooms. Each room is intricately designed and everything is well maintained by the staff. You cannot see a speck of dirt inside the room.

The villas are perfect for family gatherings because they are spacious and kids can roam around. Each one has an attic that your kiddos will surely love.

Aside from the swimming pool in each villa, there is one big swimming pool that can accommodate a crowd.  Perfect for parties!

To complete your stay, do not fail to experience the spa. It is sooo perfect to relax your tired body and mind. It is surrounded with trees, so you can still hear the birds singing while you have your well- deserved spa treat.

“We want our guests to experience the tranquility, which is the reason why they come here,” said Rebeca B. Abrea, the manager of the resort.

Crystal Paradise Resort Spa and Winery has been in Narra for several decades already but remains steadfast despite the many challenges facing the tourism industry. As many tourists prefer to go north to see the beautiful beaches and enjoy the wonders of Palawan, the south is left unnoticed.

Unknown to us, the beauty of southern Palawan is extraordinary, as Rebecca narrated to us the beautiful places one could see and enjoy in the town of Narra.

According to her, the resort offers tour packages going to the famous Estrella Falls,  (sea) turtle sanctuary in Arena Island, bird watching in Rasa Island, which is the home of endemic cockatoo birds, and visits to organic farms.

Crystal Paradise is also known for its winery. Here the whole process is supervised by Rebeca herself. They produce wines from any fruit in season like mango, duhat and banana. The current production of wine is just for in-house guests and some buyers in the city.

One thing very noticeable in this place is the hospitality of the resort staff. They are very generous with their smiles and greetings and ready to help you anytime. Their warm gestures make you feel at home. And by the way, the resort is secure. The security guards are well trained and very polite as well.

In our quest to find a place that fits and satisfies our desire to get a good rest due to everyday stresses, Crystal Paradise Resort Spa and Winery is definitely the place. This is surely the answer to your wish to have a place of peace and calmness. Come on, treat yourself. Visit this place.

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