Councilor Mendoza clarifies controversial ‘stapler ordinance’

Following negative reactions from some netizens, City Councilor Matthew Mendoza has explained his reasons for proposing an ordinance that prohibits sellers in the city from using staple wires in sealing off packets, sachets and other forms of packaging for condiments or spices.

Tayo naman po, kahit malaki o maliit na bagay, basta inilapit sa atin ng ating mga kababayan, nagtatanong-tanong naman tayo. At kapag nakita natin na makakatulong, bakit naman hindi?” Mendoza told Palawan News in a phone interview.

It can be recalled that the young legislator introduced an ordinance “prohibiting the use of staple wires in sealing off packing or sachet containing condiments or spices for the purpose of selling them in smaller quantity and cheaper price and providing penalties for violation thereof”.

Based on the draft document, the legislation aims to prevent the unintended inclusion of staple wires in serving food, which if swallowed may be fatal. The said draft ordinance will cover all sari-sari stores and business establishments–whether whole seller, retailer or distributor—in the city.

Mendoza also shared that he has a media friend who had bad experience in ‘stapled’ condiments, who then asked for his help to propose the said ordinance.

Violators to the proposed ordinance will be fined around Php1,000 to Php3,000.

The said ordinance already passed the initial committee meeting under the Committee on Trade and Industry last Wednesday, March 1.

Mendoza said a series of public hearing on the proposed legislation is expected to be conducted  starting this month.

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