Coron pushes for e-trikes

Part of DOST ecologically-friendly technology is e-trike and Eco-Sep (Photo by photo)

The municipal government of Coron is pushing for the use of e-tricycle as a means of public transportation for local residents and tourists.


Jonathan Dabuit, chief of staff of Coron Vice Mayor Jim Gerald Pe, said they are now conducting a dry run of the use of the e-trikes in the town’s major streets.


“If it proves effective, next year we will require all tricycles plying the town to use e-trikes,” Dabuit said.


E-trikes are vehicles that do not use gasoline instead it is charged like any ordinary electrical appliances and equipment.


Currently there are 742 tricycle units operating in Coron, a major tourist destination in Palawan.


The e-trikes owned by Tojo Motors Corporation are currently on dry run in the town’s major streets from August 13 to September 13.


Town officials expect that residents and tourists will welcome the use of the e-trikes as form of transportation.

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