Consumer Tips (Save Mother Earth)

The El Niño phenomenon which is being experienced globally is a result of an environmental degradation. Whether we admit it or not, each and every consumer contributed to such environment decline and unsustainable pattern of consumption and production.

Take for example, a single candy wrapper we litter, once joined with other candy wrappers will form into a big pile of garbage. To get rid of this problem and for us to be able to help mother nature recover from the great ecological imbalance she is suffering, every consumer should exercise sustainable consumption – that is, “fulfilling the basic human needs without undermining the capacity of the environment to fulfill the needs of present and future generations”. It is imperative for us consumers to do our share for environmental protection before it’s too late!

  • prefers / uses disposable cups over coffee cups
  • bring a coffee cup instead of using disposable cups
  • at the office, keeps on using clean papers for his drafts
  • reuse back of printed paper for drafting letters, memo, etc.
  • uses air fresheners to get rid of “unwanted odors”
  • use herbal mixtures or vinegar and lemon juice






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