Keep these shopping tips in mind!


Exposed to a variety of goods in the market and bombarded by an overdose of advertisements, the poor consumer can easily get confused. How, then, can a consumer make a sound and intelligent decision on what and how to buy?


Consumers must be equipped with shopping skills and should exercise vigilance, whether buying in a supermarket or in other types of stores, if he or she wants to save precious money, time and energy. It helps to know the following tips:


  • To save time in locating products, familiarize yourself with the arrangements of stocks in the stores where you frequently do your shopping.
  • To avoid missing special, genuine sales, shop systematically up one aisle and down the other.
  • Keep a sharp eye for special price reductions of products which can be reserved for future use.
  • Be alert for low-budget, economical but nutritious recipes and other consumer product information. Go for quality, not quantity.
  • Vary your meals. Look to perk up the appetite of the family.
  • Read labels carefully and take note of nutrition information such as contents, measure, etc.
  • Look for expiry dates to insure freshness.
  • Do not be ashamed to ask the assistance of store supervisor for information or location of some items.
  • Compare prices per unit or serving.
  • Help control. Store operating costs which will indirectly affect prices. Handle merchandise carefully.
  • Go for value, not brand.
  • Time saved is time well-spent. At the check-out counter, unload items with prices showing.





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